Wait, what is it?

Experience the extraordinary, make your moments last a lifetime. Our 3D photo booth is the next generation of photography; we engage people in 3 steps: the ‘paparazzi’ moment when you step inside the scanner, receiving a customizable 3D digital avatar and being 3D printed in full-color.

Light up the Party

Stepping into the 3D photo booth is an experience in itself. Our photo booth will capture the dazzling vibes of you and your guests in full 360˚, creating an illuminating paparazzi-esque moment to be remembered forever.

The next Dimension of Discoverability

Our customizable 3D-avatars are ready for social sharing in a matter of minutes. Personalize your 3D avatar with up-to 8 different backgrounds, changing animations and easy sharing on social media.

Momento’s that last

Virality that doesn’t end when the party is over. Within a few days, your guests begin to receive their 3D printed sculptures, which cause a surge of creative and social sharing. These conversations starters will live with your guests for a lifetime, and they will always remember where they got them.

What we offer


We create unique branded experiences. Our photo booth is perfect for corporate, music, arts and sporting events. You can rent our 3D Photo Booth starting at 3 hours. We will provide the option for you to customize shareable content and personalize email content.

Venue and Locations

Want to give your visitors an amazing experience, drive social engagement at your venue or location AND make money? Find out about our long-term packages that will give you a solid return on investment.