Why we’re taking the bet on 3D Scanning of People

People in our 3D scanner

Will 3D ever hold a place in our lives beyond a VR-headset selfie on Instagram?

I’m really excited about this post and to finally share why I am so passionate about the 3D industry and why exactly, I chose 3D scanning of people as the launching point to start my company: Beheld. I believe our product has the capacity to unlock 3D for everyone.

People have been talking about it for years: How 3D is going to change the world. 3D printing democratizing manufacturing! VR will change the way educate students! AR will bombard us with interactive Pokemon on our morning commute! 3D Scanning will make perfect fit earphones! Woop-dee-doo, right?! Well…

We’ve been promised this fantastical 3D sci-fi future, yet, here we are: It’s 2018 and the closest I’ve come to using “3D” in my day to day is the 2½D scanning when I awkwardly wave my face in the direction of my iPhone X.

Simply, 3D has failed to become a part of our day to day lives in a significant way. Why should we care to solve this?

Because 3D does have the ability to change the world. It allows for localized manufacturing, reduces waste, has amazing applications for prosthetics and rocket engines. While that’s all amazing, these are only the innovations that have been identified by niche audiences — literal rocket scientists.

Imagine how many other amazing use cases and applications there are for 3D? There may be millions of ideas and innovations that are waiting to be explored and uncovered — but those ideas will continue to be locked away until we open up the floodgates and create a point for 3D that is accessible to anyone and everyone.

So, how do we make that happen? We must dismantle the idea that 3D is a futuristic technology reserved for rocket-scientists and people with bachelor degrees. Allow 3D to move beyond the definition of technology, and allow it to be perceived as a medium for art making. To play, to have fun, to be emotional, to explore yourself.

Let’s look at the history of another art medium. Photography was once a new technology reserved for the wealthy; but as it became more accessible; all of the sudden you, too, were able to make use of it.

And what was the subject matter that really launched photography into the household of every family? It was the portrait.

What started as a visit to the photography studio to capture your family portrait in 1920 eventually led to people exploring this medium with their own taste. The ability to layer upon their own style, and adjust the lens of our individual worlds, share our stories and the stories of others has led us to a web of fractal connections that result in innovations we could never have guessed and will affect us for generations to come.

This why we are starting with 3D portraiture. This is why we are taking the bet on 3D scanning of People. This is why I started Beheld.  Because it’s you – because it’s emotional – because it’s literally that easy for everyone.

And the very moment you get 3D scanned; you begin to ask yourself; what else can I 3D scan? What more can I do with this? Wait, can I…