About us
We live our lives in 3D, so why not capture our moments in 3D? In the same way that 2D photography disrupted the world of realist-portraiture, 3Dscanning is the new medium that will allow people to forever encapsulate their favorite moments in three dimensions.
It's about that feeling you get when someone takes an amazing photo of you. When you looked so spectacular, you wanted everyone to see. Our mission is to take the happiness you felt in that moment, and elevate it to the next dimension. Forever looking your best, now in 3D.

Meeting the people

Kat Kinkead

Kat has a BFA in Industrial Design. She previously worked at Shapeways to help build out their 3D printing factory in Queens. Kat then worked for a year at Michael Kors as a 3D printing evangelist. Kat founded Beheld in January 2017.

Pete Weijmarshausen

Pete is the founder of Shapeways, the world's largest 3D printing community and marketplace. He is a serial entrepreneur who loves to make cool technology accessible and fun. Pete has a background in applied physics and is a maker and tinkerer.
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